About The Ranger

The Ranger is a regulated box mod assembled in the USA by Raffmods.
The regulator is based on an OKR T/10-W12-C, but utilizes a custom engineered PCB that houses all the additional components. This allows us to overdrive the OKR at over 80W on a daily basis without a problem. Our designs have been carefully loaded tested at even higher continuous wattage without a problem.
The Ranger features an internal on/off switch, with a voltage meter to view battery voltage and output voltage.


*Optimized Murata OKR T/10 regulator with a custom engineered main board, capable of regular 80watt output.
*Overcurrent / Overvoltage protection
*Powder coated Hammond 1590G enclosure
*CNC leveled enclosure, no “Hammond lean”
*Dual 18650 series batteries (Samsung 25R/Sony VTC4 recommended [not included])
*Reverse polarity protection
*Undervoltage protection, wired into the remote on/off pin
*Master on/off switch
*Led ring lighted switch, lights when device is fired
*Led battery voltage/output voltage display, select-able via a slide switch
*Varitube spring loaded 510
*0-100 marked flush mounted potentiometer, adjusts from ~3.4v to ~6v
*Magnetic cover
*Heat transferring compound between mainboard and enclosure
*Conformal coating applied to all internal components for added protection from water, e-juice and other contaminants.

Purchase a non-custom (non engraved/stock colors only) Ranger today follow the link below!


For custom engraved Rangers feel free to email us at Sales@raffmods.com